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No way to describe the AMAZING reading this Angel gives!! She has given me direction w/life changing situations for me and my family and it has literally carried us through these difficulties with calm and clarity!! 1,000 STARS!!!!

Mary, VA. USA  Oranum.com
wow. wow. wow. such an outstanding tarot reading I just had. don't normally get tarot readings but today I tried out Divine Revelation and was sooo impressed. I asked her all kinds of questions about my career and choices I had to make over the next month or so, she was awesome in helping me see the paths I need to take. thank you so very much and I will definitely return in future.

Janyce, CO. USA   LivePerson.com
Both of my readings have been right on. I have been very pleased wirh the results. Ellie tells it as she sees it. Not what I want to hear, but the truth which is what I need. Everything she said about my past relationship and myself has been accurate to the T. It really cut through the confusion. I feel that most times we already know the truth in our gut. What I felt is what she confirmed. I have talked to many pychics before! They all told me different things. What Ellie said fit! If you want truth seek it inside yourself. For extra help go to Ellie! Thank you for giving me your time.

Elizabe, B.C. Canada   AllExperts.com
She is awesome!!!! What a wonderful reading...No nonsense!!! Solace tells it how it is..Thank you Solace!!! You read me RIGHT ON!!! I will keep you posted!!! You have made my year! Hugs. 

cecef764 CA., USA   Oranum.com

Welcome to Stellar Tarot! 
With over 18 years experience I have truly mastered the art of tarot.
I will provide you an accurate reading. Most of all, I always leave you
empowered to face possible challenges ahead. 

What I will not do is tell you an inevitable outcome of which you would 
have no power to change. Any Tarot reader doing so does not understand
it's true nature. I will explore all options with you to decide ultimately 
what path you wish to take. My job is to equip you with the knowledge 
you need to know on the path you've decided to take.

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Welcome to Stellar Tarot! 
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